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Installing New Flooring with Little to No Budget

What is the cheapest option for sub flooring?

Plywood is the most common type of subflooring. This material has the lowest cost at $1 to $1.50 per square foot of five-eighths-inch-thick plywood panels. Thicker plywood might last longer and better support your floors, but it will cost more per square foot.

Installing New Flooring with Little to No Budget

It is possible to upgrade floors with little to no budget when it comes to flooring. Sometimes you have to get creative to get the look you want without breaking the bank. With some research, preparation and a good plan in place, it’s possible to give your flooring a much-needed facelift without destroying your budget. Here are a few tips for installing new flooring with little to no budget.

Opt for Inexpensive Alternatives

There are some very affordable flooring options if you’re looking to save money. Laminate flooring is a lot more affordable than real hardwood and still offers a beautiful result. Vinyl tile and plank flooring is an even cheaper alternative but still offers a unique style. You can also find deals on refurbished hardwood, tile and other floor materials. Keep an eye out for sales and thrift stores, as they can provide some great deals.

Do it Yourself

One of the best ways to keep the costs of flooring low is to do the work yourself. Depending on the type of flooring you choose, you may be able to save money by doing the installation yourself. There are lots of tutorials online that you can use for guidance when it comes to installing whatever type of flooring you choose.

Shop Around for Quality Materials

Once you’ve settled on the type of flooring you want and have decided whether you’ll be doing the installation yourself, you can start shopping around for quality materials. Take some time to compare prices from different suppliers and look for any deals or discounts they may have. You may also be able to find second-hand materials if you’re willing to put in the effort to look.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate when it comes to materials and installation. Many suppliers and installers are willing to negotiate and you may be able to get a better deal if you speak up. Ask for a discount or inquire about any deals they may have. You may be surprised by their willingness to pay.

Take the Time to Prepare

Preparing the space before installation is key to saving money. If the space is properly prepped, the installation will go much smoother, saving you time and money. Make sure that the subfloor is level and in good condition, and that the walls and trim are in place. Also, take the time to fill any cracks, holes or other imperfections to ensure a seamless installation.

Reusing Existing Flooring

If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, you may be able to reuse existing flooring. If the flooring is in good condition, you can refinish and sand it down to bring it back to life. You can also add a stain to give it a new look. If the flooring is in poor condition, replace any damaged or warped boards and give the floor a new coat of paint or stain. This is a great way to breathe new life into an old floor without having to buy all new materials.

No matter what type of flooring you choose, it’s possible to save money and still get the look you want. With a bit of creativity and some research, you can achieve the perfect flooring with little to no budget.

When it comes to updating a home or repurposing a space, installing new flooring is one of the most important tasks you will undertake. Unfortunately, the cost of flooring can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to install new flooring with little to no budget if you are willing to get creative.

The first step is to shop around, looking for free materials. Start by asking around your local area to see if anyone is doing renovations in their home and has extra flooring they are willing to part with, or visit online marketplaces to see who is giving away their old materials. Take the time to thoroughly inspect any materials you come across, as you want to make sure they are still in good condition.

Once you have found your materials, the next step is to install them. Depending on your level of experience and confidence, you may choose to complete the installation yourself. Renting the proper tools can help you complete the job in a timely fashion. If you are not comfortable with the DIY option, recruit a family member or friend with experience in home renovation who can provide guidance and assistance.

After the installation is complete, you are now ready to give your home a much-needed update. For those unsure of how to decorate, look to DIY home improvement projects and thrift stores for cheap decor options. With a little bit of creativity, you can create an entirely new atmosphere using items that don’t cost a cent.

Updating your home doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget. For those looking for a particular style, using free materials and getting creative with decoration can help you install new flooring with little to no budget. The end product can be attractive and stylish, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

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